Safe City Clinton

becoming a
Safe City for Pre-born Children

We are citizens of Clinton, MS who believe that children in the womb should be protected from the violence of abortion.

What is a Safe City?

A Safe City is part of the Personhood Alliance’s Sanctuaries for Life initiative. It is a movement inspired by self-government and empowered by faith in God, a faith that recognizes there are inalienable rights, granted by God, that no government can take away. It’s time that the good people of America say enough is enough and demand the right to end abortion in their towns, counties, and states.


We hope these Safe City Clinton Endorsements from Pastors, Governing Authorities, and Citizens encourage and exhort the people of Clinton, MS to move forward in protecting the lives of the pre-born children in our community. 

Dr. Greg Belser

Senior Pastor, Morrison Heights Baptist Church

Every person is created in the image of God, including the preborn.  It is certainly my great desire to see every citizen enjoy the fullest protections of the law and be protected from injustice of every kind.  We have no right to injure or destroy a living soul, particularly the most vulnerable of all.  May God bless this initiative and use this to call others to rally to end this great blight on our nation’s conscience.

Jan Cossitt

Alderman, Ward 5, City of Clinton

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you and before you were born I set you apart.” Since I believe life is a precious gift from God, it must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception and nurtured at every stage of its existence.

Tim L. Martin, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Clinton Public School District

As Superintendent of Schools in Clinton and a Believer in Christ, I wholeheartedly endorse the City of Clinton’s efforts to become a Safe City where Life is valued both before Birth and Afterwards. All Life is Precious to God and we must protect the lives of the unborn. May God Bless this effort.

Kayland Mccarley

Clinton Resident

My name is Kayland McCarley. I am a local resident of Clinton, MS, a graduate student at Mississippi College, and full time Clinical Manager at The Center for Pregnancy choices.The Center for Pregnancy is a nonprofit medical clinic that offers free medical services, counseling, and other resources to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies. I am a supporter of the safe city resolution because I believe that innocent/vulnerable babies in the womb need a voice to protect them from the violence of abortion. The City of Clinton can be that voice.

contact your city representative

Please contact the mayor and your alderman to show your support for making Clinton a Safe City. Below is a sample email you can send them. Feel free to copy and paste, if you would like.

SUBJECT: I support the Clinton Safe City initiative

As an elected official representing the citizens of Clinton, I am sincerely requesting that you pass the resolution to make Clinton a Safe City for the Preborn. We support this effort to give a voice to the voiceless in our community. This resolution represents our city well, not only at the political level but as a town strongly rooted in the Christian faith that teaches that all life is a gift from God. Thank you for serving our city and we pray you continue to serve us well in passing the Safe City Resolution.

Phil Fisher


David Ellis
Alderman, Ward 1


Jim Martin
Alderman, Ward 2


William "Bill" Barnett
Alderman, Ward 3


Ricki Garrett


Keith Perritt
Alderman, Ward 4


Jan Cossitt
Alderman, Ward 5


Mike Cashion
Alderman, Ward 6


Current Progress

MARCH 18, 2020
If you have not heard, our Safe City Clinton Resolution did NOT pass last night (March 17, 2020). Here were the votes:
  • Phil Fisher (Mayor) – does not get a vote but is CLEARLY not a supporter of designating Clinton a Safe City for the Preborn
  • Ricki Garrett (Alderman-at-Large) – NO
  • David Ellis (Ward 1) – NO
  • Jim Martin (Ward 2) – Absent- (but was not a supporter during preliminary meetings)
  • Bill Barnett (Ward 3) – NO
  • Keith Perritt (Ward 4) – NO
  • Jan Cossitt (Ward 5) – YES
  • Mike Cashion (Ward 6) – YES
A few things to note:
  1. I will post the video from last night. Please watch it. The audio is TERRIBLE at times but it gets better. Watch on Facebook.
  2. Please notice how clearly Mike Cashion voices his support and addresses the arguments that were raised.
  3. Notice how the Mayor and Ward 4 Alderman Perritt are SCARED TO DEATH of being sued EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE NO LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS FOR THIS RESOLUTION! Pearl, Brandon, Floraence, Crystal Springs and New Albany have all passed the same resolution and they have faced zero legal push back!
What do we do now?
  1. Continue to pray for our leaders
  2. Continue to spread the word about our Safe City Initiative
  3. RUN FOR OFFICE! It is obvious that we need leaders (even at the city level) who will unashamedly stand for what is right like Jan Cossitt and Mike Cashion did last night.
  4. Our city will vote for leaders next year- I hope you now know what kinds of questions to ask candidates. We WILL bring this up again.
  • Step 1: Resolve to Protect – IN PROGRESS
  • Step 2: Activate the Community